Jennette McCurdy Nude Photo And Toilet Video Leaked

Former Nickelodeon “iCarly” star Jennette McCurdy just had the nude photo below and video above of herself on the toilet leaked online.


Jennette McCurdy is certainly no stranger to having her private nude pictures leaked online, as she has done so in the past here and here. And just like those times before there is nothing pleasant to say about seeing her sinful naked engorged milky white breasts hanging loose in this new leaked photo.

However, there is something undeniably appealing about seeing Jennette McCurdy taking a dump on the toilet in the video above. In fact, I know a very wealthy Sheikh who has an extensive collection of such videos, with his prize possession being hidden camera footage of Oscar winning actress Meryl Streep straining to pinch off a loaf in the bathroom of a swanky Hollywood restaurant. Since Jennette’s acting career is already in the toilet, she should consider that there is good money to be made filming these sorts of specialty bathroom fetish videos catering to the refined tastes of wealthy Muslim men.

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