Jennifer Lopez Muscular Bikini Pics


Elderly pop star and actress Jennifer Lopez shows off her rock hard muscular body in the bikini photos above.


It is clear from these bikini pics that Jennifer Lopez has been getting into her fiance’s (retired baseball star Alex Rodriguez) “vitamins”. Of course it makes perfect sense that the only thing A-Rod is injecting into J-Lo’s ass would be horse hormones, for he is a flaming homofag who would appreciate the broad manly shoulders and jawline that Jennifer has developed.

Yes as you can see from the compilation video above, Jennifer Lopez’s body has undergone a drastic change over the years… From soft, curvaceous, and feminine back in her prime, to the ruggedly masculine she-hulk that she is today. Of course as a 49-year-old Latina woman (which is the equivalent of 162 in normal human years), Jennifer is probably just happy that she hasn’t been mummified yet.

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