Jennifer Love Hewitt Hot Cleavage Rubbing Video


Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt shows massive amounts of cleavage while preparing a fat Jew for the oven in the video above.

When baking a Jew it is important to first hand rub a buttery crust on top, as Jennifer Love Hewitt is doing in this video. The Jew should then be left to marinate in its own juices overnight, before baking until a nice golden brown crust forms. Of course Hitler was famously said to enjoy his Jew served à la mode, but us Muslims do not like to corrupt the flavor with too many embellishments.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is wise to practice her Jew cooking skills. Even though she shows immoral amounts of cleavage, us Muslims will need her to cook up a whole mess of Christ killing Hebrews when we finally finish conquering the West. Though we are still looking for volunteers to make the potato salad.

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