Jenny McCarthy Insults Muslim Women Worldwide


Well known anti-vaccination expert and prostitute Jenny McCarthy was photographed in Las Vegas recently, appearing in costume as an Islamic sex slave or harem girl.

Appearing virtually naked, Jenny allowed herself to be eye raped by unlimited men, a truly disturbing display. Most troubling of all though, the whore had the audacity to tan her skin, wear lamp black around her eyes, and a golden serpent around her neck, all in an effort to look as an Arabian woman.

According to an inside source, McCarthy did all of this intentionally, “Jenny hasn’t worked for a while now and is totally broke! Taking care of her tard son is not only time consuming, but also extremely expensive. Especially since he keeps contracting polio and the whopping cough. Jenny hopes that by dressing like a sexy Arab woman she will attract a wealthy Muslim Sheik.”

Needless to say, Muslim women of virtue everywhere are outraged by Jenny portraying them as whores. Aiesha Teriqa-Pisrallah of Abu Dhabi had this to say, “Hopefully there is at least one pious Muslim man in Las Vegas who can throw acid in her face and make her cover up! It’s a stain on the honor of Bedouins everywhere for her to portray us like we are whores who can be bought for a few dinars! I just know it’s those damn Jews behind this!”

Indeed, it would seem that the Zionist forces of the capital city of The Great Satan, LA, have abandoned all limits on cruelty! These insults can not go unanswered! Inshallah, we shall have satisfaction for this crime against our women! Alhamdullilah!


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celeb-jihad celeb-jihad celeb-jihad

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