Jessica Alba Stripper Green Screen Video From ‘Sin City 2’

The video above features behind the scenes green screen footage of Jessica Alba playing a stripper in the movie “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”.

It is too bad that the director couldn’t use a green screen on Jessica Alba’s body, for then he would have at least been able to make it look like Jessica was stripping off her clothes while playing this alleged stripper.

There is nothing us Muslims hate more then a hypocritical whore, and Jessica Alba may just be the biggest one in heathen Hollywood. Year after year she has prostituted her nearly naked body in crappy movies, teasing her fans while putting on airs that she is too morally upstanding to show some boobs and bush.

Well I have news for Jessica, she is no better than the common gutter skank stripper she is poorly portraying in this video. Jessica Alba needs to get off of her high horse and embrace the fact that she is a degenerate trollop by spreading her ass cheeks for real, before she really pisses us Muslims off and we issue a fatwa against her.

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