Jim Carrey Convinces Rosabell Laurenti Sellers To Strip Nude

In what is clearly his best work in years, Jim Carrey gets 18-year-old Rosabell Laurenti Sellers to strip naked while in prison in the video above.

It is difficult to tell what Rosabell has been imprisoned for in this scene, as she has pleasingly unfeminine short hair and an ample fertile bosom for feeding hungry Jihadist babies. As far as I can see Rosabell’s only crime would be wasting her time by showing off her baby cave to a spastic homoqueer like Jim Carrey, for he’d be more likely to talk through his ass cheeks at her then give her the hard banging she so clearly desires.

Yes Rosabell Laurenti Sellers has proven herself to be an obedient woman with an extremely halal body. I would be willing to offer her captors 100 cartons of dried lamb jerky and a whole jar of goat semen from only my finest award winning males. Also I’ll throw in some old sandals and a slightly soiled tunic for the privilege of watching them chop Jim Carrey’s head off.

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