Jodie Whittaker Nude Photo Controversy


“Doctor Who” star Jodie Whittaker appears to have just leaked the nude topless photo above online.


There is tremendous controversy surrounding this leaked pic, as Jodie Whittaker apologists try to argue that because we can not see the top part of her face we can not know for sure whether or not it is her… Well it didn’t take long for CelebJihad sleuths (with the help of a brilliant Muslim dermatologist) to prove this nude pic to be authentic by lining up the moles in the photo above.


Besides there is no reason to doubt that Jodie would so brazenly bare her blasphemous breasts when she has done so numerous times in the past…

As you can see from her color-corrected and enhanced nude scenes from the film “Venus” above and below.

Yes, there is no doubt that this is Jodie in this nude leak, and that she can not meet the Sharia stones of justice soon enough.

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