Kaley Cuoco Boob Slip While Wearing Lingerie


“The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco lets her boob slip out of her black lingerie nightie in the photo above.

Kaley Cuoco is clearly part of the new age feminist movement that tries to claim that women’s breasts are perfectly natural, and that they should not be censored or forced to be hidden away in public. Of course as righteous Muslims we know how ridiculous and dangerous this sort of thinking is, for not only are titties an abomination formed by Satan himself, but the sight of them spreads lecherous djinns which corrupt the very heart of society.

Yes Kaley casually showing off her breast in this photo not only betrays a hopelessly depraved way of thinking, but inflicts grievous harm upon all of us unfortunate enough to witness it. In the civilized Islamic world we balance the scales of justice by stoning women for such immoral behavior. However, in the West Kaley will no doubt foolishly be praised for being an “empowered” woman who is comfortable with her body.

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