Kaley Cuoco Cuts Her Hair Short And Poses Nude


“The Big Bang Theory” star and recent divorcee Kaley Cuoco debuts her new short hairdo while completely naked with her legs spread wide in the photo above.

It is difficult to determine if Kaley Cuoco cut her hair short because after her divorce she has sworn off of men and is a sinful lesbodyke, or if she simply plans on doing so much fucking now that she is single again that she just doesn’t want to be bothered with much hair maintenance.

Most likely the answer is the latter, as a degenerate slut like Kaley could never completely swear off of cock. Besides with her new masculine hairstyle Kaley is now more desirable than ever to infidel men who are all effeminate secret homoqueers who like to believe that their women are men and that gender is “fluid”. Of course blasphemous gender benders like Kaley Cuoco are going to experience real fluidity in the form of a nice cup of acid tossed in their face when Islam conquers the West.

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