Kaley Cuoco Nude Casting Couch Video

The video above appears to feature Kaley Cuoco nude and masturbating during her audition for the hit TV series “The Big Bang Theory”.


kaley-cuoco kaley-cuoco
kaley-cuoco kaley-cuoco

This Kaley Cuoco casting couch video is certainly shocking… Not because she gets naked in it of course, for as you can see from the photos above she is no stranger to salacious sluttery. But what is so surprising is that the casting director did not have Kaley take at least one cock during her try out. After all the name of the show is “The Big Bang Theory” not the “Fiddle With Your Sin Bean Theory”.

Yes, after such a shoddy audition process “The Big Bang Theory” producers certainly got lucky that Kaley turned out to be whore enough for the job. For if Kaley was a prude who did not genuinely enjoy flashing her tits, the show would certainly lack authenticity and would not have been nearly as popular with the moronic and hopelessly depraved infidel masses.

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