Karen Gillan Nude Outtake Photo Leaked


This nude outtake photo of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Doctor Who” star Karen Gillan has just been leaked to the Web.

This naked outtake picture was part of a saucy photo shoot Karen Gillan did for “Fire Crotch Weekly” back in 2012. Luckily for them the magazine’s editor had the good sense to not include this image in their publication, or us Muslims would of had to drop a “Charlie Hebdo” type of ass whipping on their offices.

Yes there is nothing more offensive to the pious Muslim aesthetic then the sight of sinful bare ginger flesh. For red is the color of the devil, and thus redheaded women like Karen Gillan are all djinn infested succubuses, who use their silk smooth milky white skin and overly stimulated pink lady parts to try and suck the manly essence from us virile Muslims. Well unfortunately for Karen the joke is on her, for us Muslims are immune to her feminine charms as the blessed Prophet is the only guardian of the galaxy we want to be close to.

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