Kate Beckinsale’s Tight Body In Shape Magazine

Kate Beckinsale shows off her remarkably tight body in the behind-the-scenes video above and pictures below from her photo shoot with Shape magazine.


At 43-years-old the secret to Kate Beckinsale’s age defying looks is almost certainly dark magic, for to maintain her beauty this late into her twilight years Kate no doubt resorts to moisturizing with potions made from eye of newt and the tears of Palestinian orphans while reciting Satanic chants.


For no woman of such an advanced age could possibly look this halal without relying on some serious devilish tricks. Of course us righteous Muslims see through Kate’s Satantic charade, and know that behind her youthful angelic face, perky tits, taunt stomach, and round ass there is a decrepit old hag.

Thankfully once Islam finishes conquering the West and Kate Beckinsale is tied to a stake and burned as a witch under Sharia law her true form of a charred skeleton will become visible… Then us Muslims can rest easy with the knowledge that the holy Qur’an is correct, and no woman over the age of 20 has any aesthetic value.

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