Katrina Bowden Doing Yoga In A Bikini


“30 Rock” star Katrina Bowden shows off her squat body while doing yoga in a bikini in the photos below.

Yoga is one of the most blasphemous fades in the Western world today, as it is simply an excuse for vapid whores like Katrina Bowden to bend over and show off their sex organs while feigning some bullshit spiritual connection to the heathen Gods of the cow worshiping Hindus.

Yes you better believe that when Islam conquers the West, yoga will be banned on penalty of death. If women with sturdy legs and taut hindquarters like Katrina Bowden want to do some movements while reconnecting with nature us Muslims will be more than happy to put them in a yolk and attach them to a plow. However, if they think that they can take a rest for some deep breathing when they are tired, they are going to find that it is hard to achieve a state of zen while on the business end of a whip.


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celeb-jihad celeb-jihad

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