Katy Perry Bent Over Showing Massive Cleavage For Her B-Day


Katy Perry shows massive cleavage while bent over her birthday cake in a white lace top in the photos below.

It is good to see that Katy Perry is taking a break from her tireless campaigning for Hillary Clinton in which she travels around to college campuses in swing states promising millennials (that she is no longer relevant with) that she will show them her tits if they go out and vote… For like many women in the infidel West, Katy has reached the advanced age of 32-years-old without giving birth to a single child.

Yes Katy Perry is at a crossroads, and while she dangles her bulbous udders over this sugary concoction Katy is no doubt wishing that she could (against all odds) still fulfill her womanly destiny of producing a baby. Sadly for Katy her elderly uterus is as dry as the Sahara desert, and the pathetically impotent kuffar men will never be able to fertilizer her arid womb. This of course explains why Katy is campaigning so hard for Hillary, for she knows that her only shot at having a kid is if she can get her hands (or more accurately her vagina) on the potent Islamic ball juice from one of Hillary’s virile Muslim refugees.


katy-perry katy-perry katy-perry
katy-perry katy-perry katy-perry

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