Katy Perry Drunk While Shaking Her Ass At A Party

In the video above, Katy Perry makes a fool out of herself by getting sloppy drunk and then twerking her dumpy old lady booty in a see through dress at a party.

What a pathetic figure Katy Perry has become, as she stumbles around this party desperately whoring her geriatric ass in the hopes that she will find a man equally as plastered who is willing to take a chance with his health and plow her banged out STD riddled pussy hole.

As you can see in the last photo below, Katy’s brazen butt shaking must have paid off, as she appears to be laying in bed limbering up her rickety limbs (so as not to dislocate a hip) for yet another night of meaningless sex with a strange man. Unfortunately for Katy there isn’t enough fermented yak’s milk in all of Mesopotamia to get one of us virile Muslim men intoxicated enough to take her home at the end of the night.


katy-perry katy-perry katy-perry
katy-perry katy-perry katy-perry

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