Katy Perry Naked For The Election Results


Katy Perry sits completely naked with her legs spread wide while anxiously waiting for the Presidential election results to come in.

No celebrity has been more vocal a supporter of Hillary Clinton than Katy Perry, for Katy knows that when Hillary wins she will usher in a golden age in America as us virile Muslim men will flood into the country, brutally slaughter all the effeminate homofag males, and enslave the women.

Clearly Katy Perry eagerly anticipates the glorious day in which she will be beaten into submission, so that she can spend the rest of her miserable life serving at the heel of her powerful Muslim master. That is why she is nude in this picture with her hands poised to vigorously rub her sin bean, for when it is announced that Hillary has stolen yet another election Katy will unleash a mighty climax and shoot her rancid pussy juice from her soon to be circumcised cock cave all over the TV screen.

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