Kendall Jenner And Alexis Ren Show Their Nipples For Fashion


Kendall Jenner shows off her nipples while modeling some sort of see through shower curtain dress in the photo above.

While it would be easy to dismiss Kendall’s brazen areola display above as just another Jenner-dashian whoring her body for attention, the real issue in this case is much bigger than that. For as you can see in the photos below, 18-year-old model Alexis Ren is also showing off her sinful nipples while in a wet white t-shirt.

Yes it is the fashion industry as a whole that is to blame for the sight of not only Kendall’s and Alexis’ tit toppers, but also the sight of so many other tight tall young girls’ perky bare boobies. For Western fashion promotes the completely false and base belief that a woman’s sinful body is pleasing to look at. This sort of degenerate thinking allows the Zionists to make obscene profits from women shopping to make up for their inadequacies after seeing girls like Kendall and Alexis expose their perfectly portioned bodies in photos such as these. What the infidel women need to learn from Islam is that they have no aesthetic value only a utilitarian one. Either they can birth babies and dig wells or they can’t… nothing else really matters.


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alexis-ren alexis-ren alexis-ren

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