Kristen Stewart Nude Scene From “JT LeRoy”


The video below features Kristen Stewart’s latest nude scene from her new film “JT LeRoy”.

In this film Kristen plays a bisexual tranny who only has sex with black men and women. Clearly this is heathen Hollywood nearly reaching peak liberal, as they play identity politics and virtue signal so hard in this movie that it has been given an S rating for its obscene levels of elitist leftist smugness.

Of course this movie is no match for the script that I’ve been shopping around about an obese paraplegic gender fluid black pansexual Holocaust survivor who invents science despite the evil white male patriarchy telling her (or should I say ze) that it is impossible… I don’t want to get ahead of myself but numerous studios have already expressed interest, including a higher up at Paramount who called the story “powerfully progressive” and a “shoo-in for a Best Picture Oscar”.

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