Kristen Stewart Spread Naked On Her Bed


We haven’t heard much from Kristen Stewart over the last couple of months because she has been so busy becoming a full on lesboqueer. However, now the new photo below of her spread naked on her bed has been released, and we get to see firsthand what she has been spending most of her time doing.


Unfortunately for Kristen she appears to have gone overboard with her new lesbian love affair, as her busted up lady lips look like they’ve been gnawed on by one too many bull dykes.

Kristen clearly needs to give her piss flaps a rest and stop being such a “pillow princess”, develop a taste for seafood, and start reciprocating in the bedroom before her snatch gets licked right off… Or Kristen could always go back to dating her “Twilight” co-star Robert Pattinson. No doubt that foppish English poofter did not touch her vagina the whole time that they were together.

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