Kristen Stewart Strips Naked In The Kitchen


“Twilight” star Kristen Stewart strips naked and shows off her perky pale tits and smoothly shaved sin slit while in a kitchen in the photo above.

It is good to see that Kristen Stewart has finally learned her place and has gone back to the kitchen were she belongs, but it appears as though old habits die hard with her, as she is prostituting her sinful feminine body instead of scrubbing the floors, preparing hummus, and baking fig pies.

Clearly Kristen Stewart has a lot still to learn about being a proper woman, and she needs the strong stern hand of a powerful Muslim man to guide her down the path of righteousness. Rest assured after a few backhanded slaps across the face followed by some swift kicks to the rib cage, Kristen would learn that she must tend to her chores and keep her blasphemous female flesh hidden away behind a burka at all times.

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