Kylie And Kendall Jenner Are Definitely Having Sex With Each Other

Sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner have always been close… so close in fact that it was long suspected that they were indulging in lesbian incest sex. Now the video above of Kylie and Kendall appears to confirm these suspicions, as Kylie plays with Kendall’s ass while receiving a lap dance and then films herself sliding her hand down Kendall’s shorts to finger her.

Frankly it is not at all surprising to find out that Kylie and Kendall are banging, for all the Jenner/Kardashian degenerate gypsy whores probably f*ck each other. In fact, the really fat one Rob no doubt developed his eating disorder after being forced to go down on his big sister Khloe’s vile snatch… Unfortunately for Rob no amount of In-N-Out double doubles can wash away that horrid taste.



Yes once again the Jenners have shown themselves to be truly depraved sexual deviants. If only Kylie were raised in a Muslim household she may have stood a chance at being a virtuous woman, and the only incest she’d be engaging in would be with her father… and maybe a couple uncles (as is sanctioned by the holy Qur’an)… Especially if she is going to laze around the villa with her ass and titties hanging out like in the bikini photos above.

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