Kylie Minogue Sex Tape Video Leaked


Pop star Kylie Minogue appears to be the latest in a long line of Western mudsharks to be caught on camera contracting AIDS from a primitive Sub-Saharan in the leaked sex tape video below.

As you can see in this sex tape, it looks as though Kylie Minogue gets her worn out lady hole and loose anus pounded by some scrawny abid. This abid is most likely Kylie’s ex-boyfriend “The Streets” vocalist Leo Ihenacho, but it may just as easily be some crackhead Kylie found on the streets who wanted to earn $20 the hard way.


With the release of this alleged Kylie Minogue interracial sex tape video, Kylie’s popularity in the West should skyrocket, perhaps even surpassing were it was in the early 2000’s. For there is nothing the degenerate infidel public loves more than to watch blasphemous race mixing on camera, and Kylie is certainly the type of slut who “can’t get that out of her head”.

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