Lady Gaga Shows Off His Lady Bits


Like any good tranny, Lady Gaga was out this weekend flashing his lady bits for all to see.

If Lady Gaga wasn’t such a butterface I’d might pound that surgically constructed va-jay-jay of his. That is assuming that Lady Gaga goes to the doctor regularly to get a few stitches put in, to keep that well used box nice and tight.

Lady Gaga is a hard guy to figure out. Sure his face isn’t that attractive, but his tits are pretty solid. His ass may be a little dumpy but nothing to turn your nose up at. What he lacks in physical appearance he definitely makes up for in outward sluttiness, which any fat girl will tell you is the great equalizer.

Check out these pictures of Lady Gaga flashing his cooch and decide for yourself if you would ram this dude. I am still on the fence myself.


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