Laura Vandervoort Nude Photo Shoot


Star of the TV series “Bitten”, “V”, and “Smallville”, Laura Vandervoort poses for her first ever nude photo shoot in the pics above and below.


Despite what her tank top says this nude photo shoot comes far too late to make Laura Vandervoort a star, for at 32-years-old her best years are now decades behind her. Not only that but by defiling our holy Muslim eyes with the sight of her nude old lady nips and not nearly hairy enough snatch, this photo shoot has earned Laura a fatwa and an eventual execution in Sharia court.

Yes there is no denying that is nude photo shoot is a complete disaster for Laura both professionally and spiritually. To top it all off Laura should also be billed for soiling this mattress, for she puts her geriatric cock pocket directly on top of it no doubt resulting in her malicious vaginal weevils getting embedded in the fibers. For public safety reasons that mattress needs to be burned in an incinerator, and the ashes should sealed in a lead lined box and buried at the bottom of an old salt mine.

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