Lia Marie Johnson Barely Covered Nude Photo Leaked


Social media starlet Lia Marie Johnson has just had the barely covered nude photo above leaked online.

It has been a while since any new Lia Marie Johnson nude photos were leaked to the Web, so she was long overdo. Unfortunately this is essentially just more of the same old cockteasing from Lia Marie. When is she finally going to give us what we want to see… and take a picture of herself in a thick black burka while doing her household chores?


Frankly it is time for Lia Marie Johnson to either put up or shut up, for she has been teasing the depraved infidel masses for years with her bulbous breast meat in photos like the recent one above of her cleavage at Coachella. Lia has a choice to make; she can either use her halal Allah given milk sacks to continue catering to the depraved appetites of the degenerate heathen masses, or do the honorable thing and put her bountiful boobs to good use by smuggling explosives between them past Israeli checkpoints.

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