Margot Robbie Nude “Suicide Squad” Behind-The-Scenes Footage Leaked

Behind-the-scenes footage from the set of “Suicide Squad” in which Margot Robbie flashes her nude pussy and boobs while in character as “Harley Quinn” just leaked online in the video above.

Of course it is not surprising that Margot Robbie would torment the Suicide Squad cast and crew with her blasphemous nude female flesh like this, for not only is Margot a degenerate whore in real life, but in the movie she was portraying a deranged slut as well.

Yes Margot Robbie clearly stayed in character between takes, and as a result the camera caught her exposing her bare sex organs in this video. This no doubt created quite a hostile work environment, and the real suicide squad were those poor souls who worked on this film and after being subjected to the sight of Margot’s smooth baby box and perky tits day in and day out finally took their own lives out of utter despair.

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