Mariah Carey Is One Thirsty Old Thot


Infidel pop star Mariah Carey is one thirsty old thot, as she desperately tries to get attention by exposing her elderly body in the photos below.

What sort of vile base creature would enjoy seeing a grandma like Mariah Carey nude in her whore’s bath, and then prostituting her saggy dilapidated tit meat in lingerie? Of course the answer to that question is the primitive dirt skin males, as they have proven throughout the years that they have no qualms about pillaging Mariah’s decrepit geriatric stink holes.

Yes thanks to the unimaginably low standards of the typical abid nig nog, busted old mudshark sluts like Mariah are deluded into thinking that they are still desirable and not utterly repulsive. Then it is us pious Muslims who are made to suffer, as our strong aesthetic sense is greatly offended by the sight of these self-deluded skanks trying to entice the Sub-Saharans into gangbangs with photos such as these.


mariah-carey mariah-carey mariah-carey
mariah-carey mariah-carey

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