Mary-Kate Olsen Shows Her Breasts In Bestiality Video

Mary-Kate Olsen (one half of the famous Olsen twins) shows her breasts while taking part in some sort of weird act of bestiality in the video above.

Just when you think heathen Hollywood couldn’t get any more depraved a video like this comes out in which Mary-Kate Olsen uses her sinful boobs to entice a black dog to eat spaghetti out of her mouth.

Mary-Kate Olsen has probably turned to making animal porn as she has finally run out of her “Full House” money, and there is a large lucrative market for this type of smut in hopelessly immoral places like Germany and Japan. Frankly I am shocked that Mary-Kate would sink this low this fast, as I always assumed that Ashley would be the first one to resort to interspecies sex acts to make ends meet.

But who knows maybe in Mary-Kate’s next video she will get Ashley in on the action, and they can get a pair of dachshunds to eat hotdogs out of their asses.

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