Megan Fox Sexily Kills A Cat


Is there anything sexier than a woman killing a cat? Yes, a gorgeous woman like Megan Fox killing a cat.

Megan Fox posed most sexily with a mangy feline, one Ms Oliva Von Caterton, for a photo shoot recently. The theme for the shoot was the sexy circle of life, so Megan wore a real short dress and hot boots then fed the disgusting cat to a fox. Now that is what I call fine art.

I hope for the fox’s digestion Megan had the decency to shave and declaw Ms Caterton before feeding her to him. Irregardless the image of Megan Fox bent over in that tight short little black dress as she presents the cat’s throat to be slit by the fox’s ferocious teeth gets me so damn hot.

Here are the pictures of Megan Fox sexily posing with a cat and then the fox that she feeds it too.


celeb-jihad celeb-jihad celeb-jihad
celeb-jihad celeb-jihad

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