Melissa Rauch Nude College Photo


“The Big Bang Theory” star Melissa Rauch has just had this topless nude photo from back in her college days released online.

According to Melissa Rauch’s roommate at the South Harmon Institute of Technology, Melissa would often wake up from her nightly drunken stupors laying under her bed in some form of undress as in this photo. However, Melissa would usually also have at least one male sex organ still stuck in an orifice, and would be covered from head to toe in bodily fluids most of which were not her’s.

Of course Melissa Rauch’s nude photo just goes to show that women have no business pursuing a college education (or any education for that matter), for when left to their own devices their feeble female minds pursue base hedonistic excess instead of true knowledge (which can only be found through the teachings of the blessed Prophet in the holy Qur’an).

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