Melissa Saint-Amand Nude Scenes From “Ozark”


The video clip below features Melissa Saint-Amand’s nude scenes from the hit Netflix series “Ozark”.

Melissa needs to change her surname from “Saint” to “Satan”, for her blasphemous nude boobies and shapely round ass are an affront to Allah and only the Devil himself would delight in such sinfully demonic sights.


Speaking of Melissa’s ass it is certainly her one redeeming quality, and if she does not want to spend eternity burning in the eternal hellfire for these egregious crimes against morality I suggest she immediately put it to good use… Either by pulling the plow in a Muslim’s poppy field, or better yet smuggling an IED into an Israeli checkpoint between her tight cheeks.

For Allah is a merciful and forgiving God, just so long as a whore repents and pays for her sins with the deaths of as many Zionists as possible.

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