Mila Kunis Poses Naked On A Leather Chair


Actress Mila Kunis poses naked on a plush leather chair in the offensive photo above.

Mila may think that she likes the way cow hide feels against her bare skin now, but just wait until us Muslims get our hands on her and give her the righteous whipping she deserves. For when her back and hindquarters are covered in bloody welts Mila will have wished that she would of had the decency to cover up her stinking sex holes in this photo.

Yes it is clear from this photo that Mila Kunis is a leather loving whore. If one of those nutty PETA freaks would just ensnare Mila in a net and provide us with her location, Mila would acquire a firsthand understanding of the torment animals have to go through to provide her with upholstery when she is stuffed into a cramped shipping container and sent off to Syria for slaughter at the hands of the brave ISIS Jihadists.

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