Miley Cyrus Naked Cell Phone Pic Real?


The Internet is in a tizzy today over this alleged Miley Cyrus nude pic. According to Internet reports Miley supposedly left her iPhone at a party. Someone took it and posted the pictures below from the phone onto the web.

I find this story very unlikely because as we have documented here and here Miley Cyrus is now a dedicated Muslim, so she would never attend a heathen Hollywood party. If they would have said she left her iPhone at a sleeper cell meeting then I may have believed it.

I believe this to be a smear campaign by the Jews to discredit Miley as she has become the face of the Jihad movement. They have released the following photo below which supposedly proves that the naked Miley Cyrus pic is real.

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I believe a Jew stole Miley’s cell phone probably while she was praying to Allah. I believe the 3 clothed pictures are of Miley, but they were ment only for her future Sheik husband’s eyes. The nude picture is obviously not Miley Cyrus but Taylor Swift. Taylor sexted the pic to Miley in the hopes of seducing her into her stable of lesboqueer lovers.

Hey don’t just take my word for it, judge for yourself. Here is alleged stolen naked Miley Cyrus pic, as well as the other pics from her cell.


celeb-jihad celeb-jihad celeb-jihad celeb-jihad

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