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Miley Cyrus Naked In Plastik Magazine

Miley Cyrus once again poses fully naked, as you can see in the photos below from Plastik magazine.

Miley was long overdo for another nude photo shoot. Unfortunately no matter how much time passes I can never forget what Miley’s sinful pussy looks like, for not only does it haunt my dreams on a nightly basis but it looks identical to the saggy arm pit skin of my farm’s most elderly goat “Hadrat The Magnificent”.

Of course I could always shoot Hadrat with my AK-47 and rid myself of the daily reminder of Miley’s battered cock pocket, but that seems pointless so long as Miley continues to expose her dilapidated baby cave in nude photos such as these. Besides it would be a great injustice for a noble creature like Hadrat to have to give his life when Miley is the one deserving of execution. Although I know he would gladly make the sacrifice to help ease my suffering, for there is a special indescribably profound bond between a Muslim man and his goats.


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