Miley Cyrus Posts A Photo Of Her Swollen Lips And Breasts


Miley Cyrus just posted this photo of her extremely swollen lips and breasts, after having been tit f*cked by a virile Muslim man.

Yes only the mighty manhood of a Muslim could inflict this sort of sexy damage. Obviously Miley Cyrus was playing tunic snake in the chest valley, and a Muslim’s powerful strokes pummeled her boobs and man pleaser before the snake finally spit its milky white man venom all over Miley’s seductively slutty little face.

Frankly Miley was lucky that she did not drown when her face got coated with load after load of this righteous Islamic ball juice. Many a woman have not been so lucky when taking the contents of a Muslim’s gigantic hairy ball satchel to their face. Of course of all the ways for a woman to die, that is certainly one of the most glorious.

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