Minka Kelly Looking For A New Boyfriend


As you can see in the photo above, actress Minka Kelly, who recently broke up with her New York Yankee boyfriend Derek Jeter, signaled that she is on the prowl for a new man by finger f*cking her hot little mouth.

Like all Western women, Minka Kelly is trying to use the promise of good oral sex to lure a man into a relationship. By walking around fingering her own mouth Minka is letting men know that she greatly enjoys cock in her mouth (like we didn’t know that already).

Sadly for Minka Kelly this strategy is unlikely to work as she is using far too much teeth while demonstrating her blowjob technique. Obviously Minka is one of those girls who gives horrible, painful, teeth scraping blowjobs, but she is too hot for guys to complain so they pretend it feels good giving her the mistaken impression that she gives good head. Only a virile Muslim man like myself would have the balls to set Minka straight.

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