More Jennifer Lawrence Nudes Are Going To Be Leaked


It appears inevitable that more Jennifer Lawrence nude cell phone photos are going to be leaked, as new censored teaser photos of Jennifer Lawrence naked have hit the Web.

The photo above appears to be a full frontal nude selfie of Jennifer, while the one below is allegedly a topless photo of Jennifer with her good friend and Oscar date Laura Simpson.

Not only are we almost certainly in store for more Jennifer Lawrence nudes, but we may finally get the Jennifer Lawrence facial video everyone has been waiting for. As you can see below, a higher resolution of the original screen shot of the video has been released. Clearly it is just a matter of time now before the full video is put on the Internet.

Let us pray to Allah that this Jennifer Lawrence facial video gets leaked soon. For there is nothing more satisfying then seeing a confident well spoken self-assured woman like Jennifer being degraded by taking a steaming load of baby batter to her face.

Update: Jennifer Lawrence’s lawyers have removed the images. Enjoy the glorious artistic interpretation above.


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