Natalie Dormer Nude Scenes From “The Tudors” Brightened In HD


Natalie Dormer’s graphic nude sex scene from the Showtime series “The Tudors” has been expertly brightened in stunning high definition in the video below.

Seeing Natalie rolling around in the woods getting her sin hole slammed is certainly a sickening sight, but witnessing this depravity in HD makes it almost too much to bear… Speaking of bears, it was lucky for Natalie that one did not happen by and catch sight of her shitty pancake titties, or this scene would have quickly put the ferocious bear attack scene from “The Revenant” to shame.


For do not let the corsets fool you, Natalie’s boobies are horrendously wonky and floppy eyesores. The fact that Natalie has made a career out of flaunting them in front of the camera on Satanic shows like “Game of Thrones” and “The Tudors” (in scenes like the one below) just goes to show how low heathen Hollywood has sunk.

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