Natalie Portman Nude In A Sauna


It has been a while since we have heard from actress and Jewess Natalie Portman, as she has no doubt been busy counting her gold shekels, clipping coupons, and mocking Palestinian orphans. However as you can see in the nude photos above and below, Natalie has also been partaking in another beloved Jewish pastime… sweating like a pig while naked and having a “shvitz”.


Of course its not at all surprising to see that like most heathen Hebrews Natalie Portman enjoys the intense heat of a sauna, for all Jews are demons sent by the Devil himself from the depths of the eternal hellfire to torment Allah’s chosen people.

Yes Natalie Portman is certainly going to make her dark lord proud with these nude sauna pictures, for seeing her sinfully naked female flesh glistening with sweat as she spreads open her legs to reveal her blasphemous baby box greatly offends our pious Muslim eyes and will haunt our dreams for weeks to come.

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