Nina Dobrev Airing Out Her Mound While Dressed As A Cheerleader


Nina Dobrev lifts up her leg and airs out her swollen diseased mound while dressed as cheerleader in this GIF above from “The Vampire Diaries”.

Nina is obviously trying to destroy the vampire “Stefan” with the smell of rotten eggs and wet garbage emanating from her lady hole. Unfortunately for Nina, Stefan has undergone a “stank puss” enchantment and is immune to her vile vaginal gases.

Of course in real life there are no stank puss enchantments to protect us from the stench coming from Nina Dobrev’s dank musty cock cave. Many who have caught a whiff and lived to tell the tale, speak of a odor so offensive that it causes a man to question the existence of a loving God and wish for the sweet release of death. Clearly the UN should be sanctioning Nina’s crotch for crimes against humanity, as her rancid pussy meat is being used as a weapon of mass destruction.

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