Nina Dobrev Comes Out As An S&M Submissive


Actress Nina Dobrev has just come out as an S&M submissive by wearing the stainless steel choker in the photos above.

It should come as no surprise that Nina Dobrev is a sub sex slut, for she has always been extremely obedient on camera… Not only doing whatever the Zionists who run heathen Hollywood require of her, but also shaking her titties to her depraved fanbase while signing autographs.

Of course part of the whole S&M lifestyle is bondage sessions, and no one knows more about this than us virile Muslim men… For we have been restraining women before sex for centuries. Naturally the backwards brain dead Western infidels manage to mess up this most halal of sex acts by over complicating things with elaborate contraptions (like the one Nina is in above) when a simple piece of coarse rope and an old rag serves the purpose just as well.

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