Nude Celebrity Orgies Are Real


It has long been rumored that in the rat’s nest of degenerates that is heathen Hollywood, actresses often engage in orgies… And as a virile Muslim cocksman living in their midst in Los Angeles I can 100% confirm this rumor to be true.

For as you can see in the nude photo above, I myself (in moments of weakness) have partaken in wild sex romps with Stacy Keibler, Chrissy Teigen, and Alessandra Ambrososio. Of course I kept all three of them face down and ass up while banging them camel style, just as the holy Qur’an instructs us to do.


In fact, my sexual prowess is legendary in celebrity circles from the Beverly Hills to the Hollywood Hills, so like all Muslim men I am constantly being inundated with propositions from A-list actresses to come savage their stink holes with my massive meat scud. Just look at the photo above Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson sent me to try and entice me to pound their poop chutes… Needless to say I obliged, but gave them a thorough denouncing afterwards for their sinful ways.

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