Olivia Jordan Nude Scene From “Murder in the First”


The video clip below features Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan’s ass jiggling nude scene from the TV series “Murder in the First”.

As you can see, Olivia Jordan’s hindquarters are not quite robust enough to withstand endless hours of hard labor pulling the plow out in the fields… Or endless hours of even harder labor getting plowed by an enormous Muslim meat scud in her anus hole… So she is of no use to us virile Muslim men.


However, before one feels too sorry for Olivia Jordan it is important to remember that she was the last woman to win the Miss USA title while the Mighty Orange Sultan Trump still ran the competition.

Of course that means that Olivia (the one in pink) along with all the other women in the video above, almost certainly had the honor of having her pussy grabbed by the great man himself.


Although with the way Olivia is constantly flaunting her butt flaps, the Donald probably gave her a couple of fingers up the old Hershey highway as well.

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