Olivia Munn Fondling Her Breast Video


TV personality and nerd masturbation fodder Olivia Munn was caught on webcam fondling her breast and nipple in the video above. Clearly Olivia Munn is the type of slut that gets off on getting her busty breasts massaged and her perky nipples sucked and pinched hard.

Of course a woman deriving sexual pleasure from any part of her body is a sin, but to do so from the chest area is the most grievous of all sins. That is why we demand that Olivia Munn have her breasts removed at once, or we will be forced to issue a strongly worded fatwa against her and her shameful titties.

Olivia would be wise to comply to our holy Muslim demand less Allah take matters into his own hands and inflict her with tit cancer. Then she will learn that there is no pleasure in fondling malignant tumors. Allahu Akbar!

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