Olivia Munn Naked And Ugly


Actress Olivia Munn flaunts her fucked up new face in the hideously ugly photos above. It is hard to say which has had more plastic garbage dumped in it, Olivia’s face or the Pacific Ocean, but one thing is for certain she looks like complete shit.

Of course this wasn’t always the case, for as you can see from Olivia’s recently remastered nude scene from “Magic Mike” in the video above, at one point she wasn’t so horrendously freakish looking.

Frankly Olivia’s fugly face comes as no surprise, as it is the direct result of her being a barren unwed shrew. For without a man to guide her a woman’s mindless base nature takes over, and she spends her days aimlessly whoring her rapidly deteriorating body while shooting enough Botox toxins in her face to kill a small horse.

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