Olivia Wilde Full Frontal Nude Scene From “Vinyl”

The video above features Olivia Wilde’s outrageous full frontal nude scene from the latest episode of the HBO series “Vinyl”.

How dare Olivia offend us pious Muslims by wearing that horrible looking fake pubic bush in this nude scene. Perhaps if Olivia wasn’t married to such a flaming infidel homoqueer like actor Jason Sudeikis she wouldn’t have to keep her sin slit shorn and smooth, and she could grow a real righteous pubic bush to obscure her blasphemous nether region.

Yes only in the hopelessly depraved barbaric West would it be the cultural norm for women to shave off their erotic pubic hair to fully reveal their disgusting cock caves. Truly the heathens do not know what they are missing by not being able to experience the sensual pleasures of muzzling their beards up against the musty thick hair thatch between a woman’s legs. Of course in Olivia Wilde’s case her pubic bush would almost certainly be crusted over with the dried spunk of the dirt skin men that she uses to cucklod her husband, so I guess it is for the best that she does shave it all off and wears a merkin in nude scenes such as this one.

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