Paige Woolen Claims She Has Been ‘Banned’ From TikTok For ‘Having BIG BOOBS’ (53 Photos)

Model claims she has been banned twice from TikTok and says it’s because her boobs are too big, even though they’re completely natural.

Paige Woolen, 28, from Los Angeles, California, was first kicked off the social media platform in February, days after she had reached 100,000 likes.



Paige submitted an appeal to TiKTok, which she claims was allegedly denied a week later. Two weeks after that, she decided to launch a new account and start from scratch.

The model, who is a hit on Instagram, where she has over 328K followers in total across two accounts, said: “There has never been an explanation for why I have been banned but I think my big natural boobs are the reason.”


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