Poonam Pandey Nude “Wanted” Video


Bollywood actress and Indian social media star Poonam Pandey flaunts her brown bulbous bare boobies in the nude video below titled “Wanted”.

Indian men are best known for being filthy cow worshiping heathens who enjoy shitting in the streets and sexually harassing Western women on social media. However, few realize that Indian women are just as bad, and that soon the Internet will be overrun with dot head degenerates like Poonam Pandey flapping around their mocha mammeries.

Yes, our only hope to stop the coming onslaught of depravity from subcontinent sluts like Poonam is for our brave Muslim brothers in Pakistan to launch their holy Islamic nukes. Granted the resulting mushroom cloud of fecal matter will surely block out the sun and kill most of the living things on the planet… But the risk is certainly worth it, if it means that Poonam will no longer be able to prostitute her poontang in videos such as this.

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