Rita Ora Big Boobs Bikini Vacation Video

British pop star Rita Ora flaunts her immodestly big boobies in a bikini while on vacation in the video above.

Even worse than Rita brazenly exposing her bulbous breast meat like this is the fact that she is doing so inside of a lovely cave. For caves are holy places to us Muslim men, as they make cozy dwellings, and can protect many mujaheddin fighters from cowardly US drone strikes.


With Rita Ora spending her holiday with her massive mammaries hanging out of her bikini top like this, she is begging for a pious Muslim to enact divine retribution upon her.


Perhaps a vigorous slithering of a Muslim’s tunic snake up her tit valley followed by Rita being tossed off that cliff will balance the scales of justice.


Although there does appear to be many fine throwing rocks in the area, so perhaps Rita should receive a tit f*cking, stoning, and cliff tossing… though not necessarily in that order.

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