Sarah Hyland Training For Her Next Nude Lesbian Wrestling Match


“Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland has been training hard for her upcoming nude lesbian wrestling match with Gertrude “The Sister Fister” McKlosky.

As you can see in the photos above, Sarah Hyland is fighting out of her weight class against Gertrude. However, Sarah has successfully pinned bigger lesbodykes in the past including Samantha “Scissor Me Timbers” Sanders to win the LWA (Lesbian Wrestling Association) championship belt during her nude leaks.

Yes Sarah is certainly taking this wrestling match seriously, just look at her focus while working on her famous “clit thruster” finishing move in the video above. However, if Sarah doesn’t want to find herself turned into The Sister Fister’s latest hand puppet she should protect her holes better by keeping those legs closed tight.


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There is no denying that Sarah Hyland has a good shot at retaining her belt, for as you can see in the bikini photos above she is in fighting shape. Of course her ring entrance mom bikini outfit in the video below certainly leaves something to be desired in the intimidation department.

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